Monday, July 25, 2016

About Us

about us

INCREDIBLE STATUS is the best quotation site.We entertain audiences of all ages with family-friendly quotations from history's most prominent figures through to today's newsmakers - famous celebrities, athletes, politicians, authors, and everything in between. We are passionate about quotes, and on a mission to share our knowledge with the world.


INCREDIBLE STATUS provides an all-access pass to the world of quotations. Our quotations database is the best one on the web, and getting bigger every day. Whether it's a great quote for a birthday card, love letter, research paper or just for fun, INCREDIBLE STATUS makes it easy to find great quotes. We have a treasure trove of historic, quotations available on Facebook and on Google Plus.

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INCREDIBLE STATUS is free service, supported by ad revenue generated from ads appearing on our site. Our advertising team works with credible advertisers and high-quality ad networks. We make sure the ads shown on our site are family-friendly, and we limit invasive and intrusive advertising because we value our audience, and want everyone to Like us!