Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ice Cream and Tip (short inspiring stories) Must Read .

In the days when a dessert sundae cost significantly less, a 10 year old kid entered a lodging coffeehouse and sat at a table. A server put a glass of water before him.

"What amount is a frozen yogurt sundae?"

"50 pennies," answered the server.

The young man hauled his hand out of his pocket and considered various coins in it.

"What amount is a dish of plain frozen yogurt?" he asked. A few people were presently sitting tight for a table and the server was somewhat restless.

"35 pennies," she said abruptly.

The young man again numbered the coins. "I'll have the plain dessert," he said.

The server brought the dessert, put the bill on the table and left. The kid completed the frozen yogurt, paid the clerk and withdrew.

At the point when the server returned, she started wiping down the table and after that gulped hard at what she saw.

There, put conveniently alongside the vacant dish, were 15 pennies – her tip.